Badman's Tropical Fish


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___Ariel the bear
___Aurora the polar bear
___Bushy the lion
___Fleecie the lamb
___Fridged the penguin
___Glow the lightning bug
___Grace the bunny
___Halo2 The angel bear
___Morrie the eel
___niles the camel
___Rufus the dog
___Sarge the german shepard
___Scurry the beetle
___Sneaky the leopard
___Springy the lavender bunny
___Swampy the alligator
___Swoop the pterodactyl
___trumpet the elephant
___U.S.A. the american bear
___Wiggly the octopus
___Wisest the owl

___Ally the alligator
___Almond the bear
___Amber the cat
___Ants the anteater
___B. B. Bear the birthday bear
___Baldy the eagle
___Batty the bat
___Beak the Kiwi
___Bernie the St. Bernard
___Bessie the brown/white cow
___Blackie the black bear
___Blizzard the snow tiger
___Bones the brown dog
___Bongo the monkey
___Britannia the bear
___Bronty the brontosaurus
___Bruno the terrier
___Bubbles the black/gold fish
___Bucky the beaver
___Bumble the bee
___Butch the bull terrier
___Canyon the Couger
___Caw the crow
___Cheeks the Baboon
___Chilly the polar bear
___Chip the brown/black cat
___Chipper the Chipmonk
___Chocolate the moose
___Chops the lamb
___Claude the tie-dye crab
___Clubby the Club Bear
___Clubby2 the Club Bear
___Congo the gorill
___Coral the tie-dye fish
___Crunch the shark
___Cubbie the brown bear
___Curly the brown curly bea
___Daisy the black/white cow
___Derby the horse
___Doby the doberman
___Digger the crab
___Doodle the tie-dye rooster
___Dotty the dalmatian
___Early the robin
___Ears the brown bunny
___Echo the dolphin
___Eggbert the baby chick
___Erin the bear
___Eucalyptus the Koala
___Ewey the lamb
___Fetch the golden retreiver
___Flash the dolphin
___Fleece the lamb
___Flip the white cat
___Flitter the Butterfly
___Floppity the lilac bunny
___Flutter the butterfly
___Fortune the panda
___Freckles the leopard
___Fuzz the bear
___Garcia the tie-dye bear
___Germania the Bear
___GiGi the poodle
___Glory the bear
___Goatee the mountain goat
___Gobbles the turkey
___Goldie the goldfish
___Goochy the jellyfish
___Gracie the swan
___Grovey the bear
___Grunt the razorback
___Halo the Angel bear
___Happy the hippo
___Hippie the Ty-dyed bunny
___Hippity the mint bunny
___Hissy the snake
___Hoot the owl
___Honks the Goose
___Hope the prayer bear
___Hoppity the rose bunny
___Humphrey the camel
___Iggy the iguana
___Inch the worm
___Inky the octopus
___Jabber the parrot
___Jake the duck
___Jolly the walrus
___Kicks the soccer bear
___Kiwi the toucan
___Knuckles the pig
___KuKu the cockatoo
___Legs the frog
___Lefty the donkey
___Libearty the bear
___Lips the fish
___Lizzy the lizard
___Loosy the Swan
___Lucky the ladybug
___Luke the black Lab
___Mac the cardinal
___Magic the dragon
___Manny the manatee
___Maple the bear
___Mel the koala
___Millenium the year 2000 bear
___Mooch the Spider monkey
___Mystic the unicorn
___Nanook the husky
___Neon the Seahorse
___Nibbler the rabbit
___Nibbly the rabbit
___Nip the gold cat
___Nuts the squirrel
___Osito the Mexican bear
___Patti the platypus
___Paul thee Walrus
___Peace the tie-dye bear
___Peanut the elephant
___Pecan the Gold bear
___Peking the panda
___Pinchers the lobster
___Pinky the flamingo
___Pouch the kangaroo
___Pounce the cat
___Prance the cat
___Prickles the hedgehog
___Princess the bear
___Puffer the puffin
___Pugsly the pug dog
___Pumkin the Pumpkin
___Quackers the duck
___Radar the bat
___Rainbow the Chameleon
___Rex the tyrannosaurus
___Righty the elephant
___Ringo the raccoon
___Roam the Bison
___Roary the lion
___Rocket the bluejay
___Rover the red dog
___Sakura the Japenese bear
___Sammy the Ty-dyed bear
___Santa the ho ho ho man
___Scaley the Lizard
___Scat the cat
___Schweethart the Orangutan
___Scoop the pelican
___Scorch the Dragon
___Scottie the terrier
___Seamore the seal
___Seaweed the otter
___Sheets the Ghost
___Silver the cat
___Slippery the seal
___Sloepoke the sloth
___Slither the snake
___Sly the fox
___Smoochy the frog
___Snip the siamese cat
___Snort the bull
___Snowball the snowman
___Spangle the American bear
___Sparky the dalmatian
___Speedy the turtle
___Spike the rhinoceros
___Splash the whale
___Spinner the spider
___Spooky the ghost
___Spot the dog
___Spunky the cocker spaniel
___Squealer the pig
___Steg the stegosaurus
___Stilts the stork
___Sting the ray
___Stinger the scorpion
___Stinky the skunk
___Stretch the ostrich
___Stripes the gold tiger
___Strut the Rooster
___Swirly the snail
___Tabasco the bull
___Tank the armadillo
___Teddy the brown bear
___Teddy the cranberry bear
___Teddy the 1997 holiday bear
___Teddy the 1998 holiday bear
___Teddy the 1998 holiday bear
___Teddy the jade bear
___Teddy the magenta bear
___Teddy the teal bear
___Teddy the violet bear
___The beginning the bear
___The End the bear
___Tiny the chihuahua
___Tiptoe the mouse
___Tracker the Bassett Hound
___Trap the mouse
___Tuffy the terrier
___Tusk the walrus
___Ty2k the bear
___Twigs the giraffe
___Valentina the bear
___Valentino the bear
___Velvet the panther
___Waddle the penguin
___Wallace the bear
___Waves the whale
___Web the spider
___Weenie the dachshund
___Whisper the deer
___Wise the grad owl
___Wiser the owl
___Wrinkles the bulldog
___Zero the Penguin
___Zip the black cat
___Ziggy the zebra
___1999 Signature bear
___2000 Signature bear

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