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Tropical Fish

The Best Aquatic Home pages

    I will list here all aquatic personal / professional home pages that I have found to be helpful, pleasing and informative. Each link will have a brief description of the page and any comments I have about it. Each link will be put in a category that best describes its content, some may be in more than one. Please visit them as everyone works hard on their page and are proud of their accomplishments.
    Please Email me if you would like to be added to this list,


General Freshwater General Saltwater
Cichlids Other species
Aquatic Plants Commercial Sites
Mail Order sources Aquatic related
Reference sites Link sites
Aquatic clubs Newly Added sites

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General Freshwater

    The site of a Hobbyist with 16 years behind him. It contains information and pictures for the novice and advanced hobbyist in an easy to follow website.


    An online aquatic auction house! Partnered with Fish Link Central, it's sure to be a winner. Check it out!

Aquaman's Aquarium

    I've been into the aquarium hobby for over 24 years and I hope to share my aquarium experience with anyone who needs it. There are many sites on the web about certain fish, but this site is about the most common fish.


    There are already a lot of pages out there for aquaria and I didn't want to just put up "yet another aquaria page" which contains the same links as every other page. Instead, what I envisioned was a page that was different.

Aquariums and More

    Information about aquarium fish as well as plants.

Aqua world

    The one multilingual aquaria web magazine.

Aqua Web Fish Resources

    This is the mirror site to Aqua World and has aquatic articles, links and even video. An up and coming site.

Aqua Zone

    A new site geared to the fresh-water hobbyist, with articles, links, a news-letter and pictures. Well on its way!

BensPets online

    Welcome to the new look site offering all the same advice and information but in a more easily digestible way without frames and useless pictures clogging up the works.

Breeding tropical fish

    I have been breeding tropical fish for about 15 years. I hope you enjoy my homepage, and you find the information you are looking for. If I haven't got the information on the fish you are trying to breed, give me a yell and send me a email, I will then add that fish to my homepage for you.

Catalunas' Tropical fish page

    A complete freshwater page covering aquarium start-up, descriptions of the Egglayers and Livebearers. The page has great pictures and more. Be sure to check it out!

Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fishkeeping

    One of the better beginner pages I have seen! It contains everything from tank styles to feeding. If your just starting out, this is a must see.

Dave's Fish Page

    This site is mostly dedicated to the rookie. I am a "born again" aquariast that sees the hobby as too complex in the new millennium and would like to help rookies simplify their tanks and their lives.

Find a fishy homepage

    Info on Oscars and Piranhas. Lots of links to hard to find fish and fish facts. Photos. A Chance to win an award and more.

FINNS; Fish Information Service

    This is the site to go to when your looking for help or just want to do a little research. The best on the web.

    The website for those finatical about their tropical fish.

Fish index

    A very informative site, with sections for everyone and lots of pictures. Give it a look it's worth it.

Fish Link Central

    The ultimate site for links devoted to the aquarium hobby, with a huge section devoted to personal home pages. SUBMIT YOUR SITE!

Freshwater Fish Directory

    A nice site that strives to be a road map to anything you want or need to know about freshwater fish....And it does.

Krow's Aquarium Page

    This page is dedicated to anyone who is interested in learning more about their aquarium pets. It contains information on tropical fish, tropical fish diseases, underwater plants, snails, and land hermit crabs.

Mudminnow Fish Information Services

    The main emphasis of this site is to provide information on fish. I have divided this site into three sections. Section one concerns itself with the hobby of fish keeping, section two is for academic and field interests, and section three is for you fishermen out there.

My Aquaria

    Nice pictures from two freshwater set-ups also a short "how to" on fish photography.

My Fish Tank

    A really good site! Nice pictures from freshwater set-ups, as well as sections for care and maintenance. Check it out!

One Fish Two Fish

    general information guide to aquariums.

Robyn's Fishy Page

    A general care and maintenance page. Also includes descriptions of different fish tanks. A nice site.

Sam's Aquarium & Fish Homepage.

    This is a site for beginners interested in keeping fish.

The Age of Aquariums

    This site contains a collection of great photos and information on the Mantis's beautiful planted tanks and fish.Check it out!

The Amazon

    This site has been designed to give the first timer aquarist an idea on what fish to buy, how to set up their first tank, what is involved in keeping tropical fish and how to look after and maintain a healthy aquarium.

Tim's Tropical Fish Page

    A new general freshwater page. It has basic information as well as lots of links.

Tropical Fish Centre

    "Tropical Fish - Information on tropical fish with a species guide, plenty of pictures, and help for any beginner." nice site!

General Saltwater
Ornamental Fishkeeping Ornamental Fishkeeping

    covers a wide variety of topics about the hobby. Columnists include Nick Dakin, Practical Fishkeeping, Albert Thiel and The Coral Reef Alliance. Aquarium store, plus on-line bookstore, articles, photo gallery and discussion forums.

FINNS; Fish Information Service

    This is the site to go to when your looking for help or just want to do a little research. The best on the web.

Sam's Aquarium & Fish Homepage.

    My site is out there to help beginners new to the hobby.

The Bakes' reef

    A page about a 29gal reef tank.

Thiel Aquatech

    The most comprehensive saltwater site on the internet, it covers all aspects of fishkeeping and also has the largest library on the mini reef. Information also about freshwater


The Angelfish Book.

    Tips on breeding Angelfish applicable from Guppies to Discus!

Devin's Cichlid Home Page

    A Cichlids only site, it contains lots of information, a couple of cool "test your knowledge" areas, a chat room and a lot more!

The Cichlid Center

    Exclusive information and pictures related to Cichlids, also sections on starting with Cichlids, a chat room and more. If your into Cichlids this site is a must see.

The Cichlid room companion.

    A great international Cichlid site, with all the information on the species.

C.H.O.P. Cichlid home page.

    My favorite Cichlid site. It has a lot of information and a photo gallery arrainged in a great format.

Discus als Hobby

    This site is about Discusfish. But the most interesting part is about building a hatchery.
    lot of info that can't be found on on other sites

Discus pictures.

    Some of the best pictures of discuss I have seen. Go look at hese beautiful fish!

Discus breeders web site.

    Discus breeders web site, one of the most visited Discus web sites.


    DPH has lots of Discus photo's online including
    all winners from the Int. Discus championship in Germany etc etc etc.

The Amazing Oscar and other cichlids

    I now cover Cichlids mainly the Oscar scientific name Astronotus ocellatus but I will have articles and descriptions of other types of Cichlids.

Frontosa Fantasia

    This site contains useful information and pictures of Cyphotilapia Frontosa.

Guide to South American Cichlids.

    A technical source of information about the systematics, taxonomy and distribution of Cichlids.


    This has to be the clearest most concise page on kribs I have seen. If your interested in these great fish, this is the place to go!

Oscar World

    Wondering what an Oscar is? Even if you're not, this site has just about everything for the wonderful popular growing fish, the Oscar, or Astronotus Ocellatus in Latin.

Touched by Angels

    The web mistress been involved in researching the species pterophyllum and has built a site pertaining to the information she has found. Great site!

Other species

The American Livebearer Association.

    A site and club dedicated to the Livebearers, here you will find club information and much more.

Apple snail website

    Site contains info on Things like keeping them, FAQ, anatomy and more...


    General information on the Archer fish.

Australian And New Guinea Freshwater Fishes

    A website devoted to Australian and New Guinea Freshwater Fishes, this website covers everything from setting up your first fishtank to the habitat of these fish. Has well has a photo gallery that includes over 200 fish photos.

Buds Dragon

    A page about the Arowana, it tells his story about how he got his how and to keep them. It has great pictures and links.

The Characins.

    This is a sub-section of Aqualink, It has information on care of the Caracoids

Delta Guppies.

    Canadian Breeder of High Quality Show Guppies. Check out our galleries, Ask that Guppy question, Order fish on line, Links to other Guppy sites and Chat with Guppy experts. It's all right here for you to explore.

The Fish Lady's Betta Page

    Here you can find information on Betta care and Breeding.

Richard's Mudskipper (and Brackish Goby) Home Page.

    This site was created page in order to fill a huge gap in the fish related web sites on the Internet. Just about all the sites I have visited cater for the mainstream fish. You are lucky if you can find some information on brackish species, but if you want gobies - forget it! The site contains all the information you need for the care and well being of these fascinating fish species.

Tropical fish...but Not Catfish!

    Here you will find our experiences of everything Not Catfish! Principally these pages focus on the freshwater tropical fish we keep alongside our treasured catfish.

Unoaquatic Fish Farm Trading

    Our website highlights informative resource for the exotic endangered species - the Asian Arowana, also know as Dragon Fish. Complete with message board for arowana fans to seek help and knowledge.

The Violet Goby

    This web page was produced after searching through several hundred web sites, by latin name, and by common names and their variations. Approximately a dozen sites were found, other than indexes, which contained information or photos of the violet goby.

Viviparous--livebearer information.

    A site run for and by Livebearer enthusiasts, it contains more helpful species information.


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