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tropical fish gallery

This site is the place to find find all your aquatic image files. It contains a large species gallery divided into the various families with the scientific and common names. The photo gallery area lets you upload your aquarium tropical fish photos for all to enjoy. There are also sections on photographing your set ups, camera reviews, and areas with helpful hints to help you take better pictures.
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Fishkeeping ABC's

about this site A brief description of what this site has to offer as well as a short history of my fishkeeping. Also a place to find out who helped with this site.
Fish Anatomy A first look at what a fish is, this section will point out their different parts, help you in identification and the sexing of your fish
Fishkeeping Basics A complete subsection on setting up your your first fish tank. It covers everything from the tank to feeding and much more.

Thinking of setting up a 75 gallon fish tank? This section is written by a reader who will tell his story with pictures and text. It will be updated regularly and follow his progress.
commonly asked questions, with some answers. If you have a question check it out or submit yours.
submitted articles
Reader submitted articles. These are on a wide range of subjects and should prove helpful to all. Submit yours!

The Families

Cichlids Cichlids Barbs
Tetras Live-bearers Mailed Catfish
Synodontis Catfish labyrinth fish loach

These sections will give a brief definition of the species, with a general description of the tank requirements needed to maintain them.

Aquatic Favorites

Please let me know
your favorite aquarium fish.
The one with the most votes will be the
profiled fish the following month.

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Detailed information

Fish Profiles
A detailed description of a single fish specimen, covering all aspects of its care. Also links to all previous profiled fish.
New every month.
The Black Neon.

who am I
Every month around the 15th I will add a picture of a mystery fish here. Some will be hard and others easy. The fish can be either fresh or salt. Test your knowledge today.
New every month.

Fish Statistics
A quick at a glance page featuring more than one-hundred fifty fish from the most popular fish species. There are pictures of each, with an easy to read information table.

A chart with a listing of fish compatibility, with themselves and other species. If you want to know how that new fish is going to get along, this is the place to find out.

discus A photo gallery of some of the best Discus pictures I have seen. If you want to see some beautiful fish visit here. These photos were submitted to me by a very generous reader.

Breeding Tips General guidelines for the breeding of tropical fish.There is a brief description for the major breeding techniques used by the various species.

fish ranges Specific distribution ranges, with maps and statistic charts for some of the most common kept tropical fish.

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In-Depth definitions

Ever wanted to know exactly whats needed to set up an African Cichlid tank? Click here to find out.
setting up an African tank
What is a Community aquarium? Want to build one? Check here to see what there all about.

A JavaScript converter, here you can convert your US numbers to their Metric equivalents.

A listing of common Aquatic ailments with symptoms, causes and possible cures.
Aquatic Diseases

An explanation of the different types of test kits available, what each one does and my recommendations for the ones you need. Test Kits

Natures way

BioTope Aquaria Suggestions for Aquaria set-ups that simulate the natural environment of the fish we keep.

Aquatic Plants All you need to know about the Aquatic plants we keep. The most popular ones are profiled in an easy to read table format, with pictures to aid you in their identification.

ethics Ever wonder what happens when we release a fish into the Wild? This section shows what can happen and why we should not do this.

plant problems Some of the more common problems you might encounter with your aquatic plants. I will discuss their probable causes and some possible remedies.

The Equipment

Your photos, a place to see other readers tank and fish pictures. Please visit the page to see how to add yours here.
There's already a section to showcase your tanks, now lets' see your prize fish. Weather it's the most beautiful Angel or the ugliest Pleco, send them in for all to see.
A page for aquarium products that through my own experience I have found to be excellent.
Products of Merit

A pet shop directory! Enter your favorite pet dealers and critiques. Please use this PET SHOP FORM to add yours! Pet Shops

Whats that mean?

Aquatic Glossary
A large Aquatic term Glossary, all the technical terms are defined. Terms related to plants will be Green.

Want more?

An aquatic message board, leave your questions or post answers here for other readers to respond to.
message board
Popular search engines to continue with your quest for aquatic knowledge.
Internet forums dedicated to the tropical fish hobby. Here you can post and answer questions.

A listing of Aquatic pages with a brief description of each. Email me to be added to the list!
Aquatic Links

Aquatic web-rings that I belong to. Here you will find many interesting and informative web pages. Why not join one today! web-rings

Experience Poll

This short poll will not make you leave the site, and you can see the results in real time. Where do you fit in? please click the button to take some other interesting fishkeeping polls.

fish polls

Just for fun!

awards Awards and associations that this site has won or belong to. I thank you all.
beanie BEANIE BABIES! here's a complete up to date printable checklist of all the Beanies, of course with pictures of the fish.
chat A brand new area. It's young and off o a slow start, but why not register and see what's going on.


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