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Suggestions for fresh water Biotope Aquariums.


Southeastern Asian Lowland Still Water.

asian picture
Backwater in India
photo by: Harry s. Anchan
Betta splendens
hygrophila sp
Hygrophila difformis

    A tank for slow moving members of the sub-family Anabantoidea, other Labyrinth-fish, along with small barbs and danios and of course catfish.
    A standard fifty-five gallon or the forty gallon would be fine.

Typical set-up.

    On the bottom use a dark substrate with no sharp edges to a depth of at least two inches and mix in some Laterite to promote plant growth. Place drift-wood and roots in the back area creating many hiding places. This tank should be heavily planted, here are some native species available:

  • Giant Hygrophila
  • Nitelia
  • Hydrilla
  • Water lilies
  • Cryptocoryne ciliata
  • Java moss
  • Limnocharis
  • Water lettuce
crypt ciliata

    You want to have very little water movement, with a slight circulation from one end to the other. With the large amount of live plants the lighting should be bright, at least two fluorescent full spectrum bulbs.
Water requirements
    pH of 6.5 with a Carbonate hardness of around 4dCH and a total hardness of 10dH. Water temperature in the low eighties.
    A school of Danios, two or three pairs of any of the varieties of the Dwarf Gouramies., a group of Koolie Loaches and some catfish from the family Pangasius.

Dwarf Gourami.

This is only one example of tanks you can try, Biotope aquaria are only limited by your research and wallet and can range from the most remote areas of the world to the ponds right in your backyard. Try one!


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